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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Big Top Vintage Market in Old Town Spring

Getting ready for the count down to Big Top Vintage Market -
Sat Feb 22 & Sun Feb 23 9a-5p both days FREE admission - family friendly

200 vendors, food trucks, kids zone and live music all day both days!

The Big Top Tent is Up!!

Come and see us in the shop!!!

Michella Marie
417 Gentry Street J
Spring,  77373
(back behind the Doll Hospital)

We're going to have demos, raffles, and giveaways!!

So plan to come spend the day in
Old Town Spring!!

See Y'all Soon!!

Michella Marie

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Peek In The Shoppe

 Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan
I am so glad I took this picture when I did.
(The little table sold shortly after :))

Tony's dry sink painted with Duck Egg and Old White.
One of my favorites in the shoppe right now!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Garden Collage

Welcome to my garden!!

These are some of my favorite photos of the flowers that
I've taken around my home
 and my mom's home.
The roses in front of the
rusty iron gate are from my mom's garden.
Her back yard looks like a park!!!  No joke!!
I will do a post featuring her yard very soon.
Some of the flowers in the collage are ones that I've made.
You can see my tutorial here. 
Which leads me to something that I'm pretty excited about!!

I am having my first Link Party and would love for y'all to join in!!

With this link party, pretty much anything goes!!
As long as it is a Tip, Trick, or Tutorial.


You can even link up if it's what you're making to sell!!!

Like I said before,
I'm pretty excited about this and I think it will be a
wonderful place for everyone to share ideas and projects!!
Feel free to invite your friends too!!

I hope to see y'all there :))


Before you go!!!

Check out my giveaways!!!
This is my giveaway for July!!
It's an apron but not one that I've made!!
This one is made by my friend Shabby Cowgirl!!

How sweet is that!!!
She is in the process of making one for me :))
and one for a lucky someone!!
If you want to be entered in the giveaway
all you have to do is...

* Become a follower
* Leave a sweet lil' comment :))
* Become a fan of Michella Marie on Facebook
You can even share it on FB or Tweet it if you like!
{But not necessary to be entered}

But, by doing this, you'll automatically be entered
for all of my giveaways!!!

Like this one :))

Once I reach 500 "LIKES" on Facebook
I will draw a name to win this white ruffled apron!!
~ Click here to see more photos of this apron ~

There's a whole lot on!!!
And I have even more exciting news to come :))
So be sure to check back!!

Love to y'all!!!


I am linking up with Tracie at Fishtail Cottage for
Cindy at My Romantic Home for
~ Show and Tell Friday ~
Pam at White Ironstone Cottage
Tresure Chest Friday

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

White Paper Peonies Tutorial

First of all, I want to thank Kathleen for featuring my blog!!!
You must visit her and check out all of the white loveliness!!!
Where there's always a party going on :))

White Wednesday at Faded Charm!!
Just a girl for
Show and Share Day
I was so excited when I received her email asking my permission!!


I received it while as we were bouncing through the very deep sand
(in the Land Rover of course!)
in Matagorda, TX where we camped right on the beach!!
 Loved it!! 
Not loving the sunburn though, lol!!

You've made my day (and my year)
I am totally honored!!!

I do love ruffles that is FOR SURE!!
(The aprons will be available for $35.00 plus shipping)
If you're interested in one, just leave a comment
or email me directly at michellamarie@gmail.com
I will be adding more to my Etsy shop so please check back.
It is seriously lacking right now!!
My grandbabies have my full attention at this point in time :))
But if you're interested in anything you see on my blog or
at my booth The Gypsy Caravan, please let me know!!
I will be more than happy to work with you!!


Ok... (please keep in mind that this is my first tutorial, lol!!)
So please be kind....my heart is a bit fragile :))

~ White Paper Peonies ~

Several ladies have requested a tutorial on how to make them.
So here ya go :))
You don't quite get the contrast with the white ones
as you do the colored ones.
But for pennies to make..... I'll take it!!!!

You can see my post on pink paper peonies here.
With the pink ones I dyed the coffee filters first
and let them dry completely and then proceeded
with the following steps.

Here's what you'll need:
{5} 3" coffee filters
{5} 3-1/4" coffee filters
floral wire {approx. 6" long}
floral tape
glue {any glue will do}
as you can see, I used wood glue :))
it was the first one I found, lol!!

Here's what you do...

Fold the 3" coffee filters 4 times
(you can do these individually or 2 or 3 at a time)

(1 fold)

(2 fold)

I do have nails by the way!!
I just happened to break my thumb nail off
right up to the part where it really, really hurts
this past weekend while unbuckling the one of the carseats!!!

(3 fold)

(4 fold)

Cut a notch on the inside fold.

Unfold once and cut both sides to round the edges.

Rough up the edges a bit.
I used the end of my scissors.
(I realize now white on white is not the best for tutorials, lol)

Repeat these steps with the 3-1/4" coffee filters.
When you're done, you should have a stack that look like this.

It can be a bit messy, so I like to work over something that
I can fold up and shake in the trash can.
Ok... I try but it usually ends up on the all over me,
the table, the floor and all over the house after my super
helpful grandkids walk through it :)) 
Okay, now that y'all know I'm not the neatest
coffee filter peony maker,
let's assemble the peony.....
Sorry, I type like I talk and think, lol!!
But I don't say "lol" though :))
I've probably lost some of you here.
Okay.... focus!!
(me, not you)

Fold your floral wire to resemble this.

Poke the floral wire through the center
of one of the smaller filters.

Pull it down until it reaches the loop on the wire.
Place a dab (or a glob if you have to make a mess like me :))
of glue on the loop and the filter.

Pull the filter up and around the loop of wire and
pinch all the filter together up and around the wire.
Twist it around the wire.

There ya go!!  Ain't it purdy??
Just kidding :))
Keep twisting.

Add another filter.
Pull it up, pinch, and twist.

Add another filter, pull it up, pinch, and twist...
It should begin looking like this.
Well, it's looking kinda like a rose
but today we're calling it a peony :))

When you're done with the 3" filters,
you'll want to wrap them with floral tape
before you start with the larger filters.
Kudos to those out there that make lots of tutorials!!!
It's a lot harder than ya think!!

Ok.... we're wrapping with floral tape. 

Pinch and wrap, pinch and wrap...
you want this as tight as you can get it.
You can go all the way down the wire,
but it's not necessary at this point.

Now add the larger filters to the bottom
just like the smaller ones.

Bring it even with the smaller filters on the top.

Pinch and twist the excess around the bottom.

Continue this with the remaining filters. 

Pinch and twist, pinch and twist
You're almost done :))
Sounds like an exercise routine, lol!!
After you've added all your filters,
you can wrap it with floral tape.

This time you'll want to wrap it all the way down
to the end of the wire.

Twist and wrap, twist and wrap

Almost there :))

I think several bunched together in bags from Tiffany's 
would make beautiful centerpieces for a wedding!! 

Here are some pictures of real peonies.
Rough up the edges a bit more and add a yellow center
and I think it's pretty darn close :))
What do ya think???
And waaayyy better photography, lol!!

Here's the bracelet my sweetie brought me from
Tiffany's in New York.
A lil' show and tell ;))
(I am not this tan in real life, lol.)

Well y'all....
I hope you enjoyed my very first tutorial!!!
I would love to see them if you make some.
You can post even post them on my Facebook page at


And it's not just for cookin' in the kitchen ;))

You can just use it just for display!!!!


All you have to do is...
 * Become a follower here
* Leave a sweet lil' comment :))
* Become a fan of Michella Marie on Facebook
You can even share it on FB or Tweet it if you like!
{But not necessary to be entered}

And by doing this, you'll automatically be entered
for all of my giveaways!!!
This month I am also giving away an apron similar to this!!

It's from Shabby Cowgirl!!
Her work is amazing!!!
Find her on Facebook and tell her I sent you over :))




I'm also linking up with
Cindy from My Romantic Home for
Leigh at Tales from Bloggeritaville for
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Blog Hop at Easy Peasy Grandma
Just A Girl for
Show and Share Day

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~ White Ruffles & Two Giveaways ~

I thought I would share a few photos of the apron
I am in the process of finishing.
This one is my giveaway for June,
but I'm planning to give another one away this month!!

Lots of  white ruffles!!

I've already had a request to make another one.
By my husband :))
I must, lol!!
So, I too shall have one!! 

This one belongs to

Congratulations Courtney!!!

Ruffles Everywhere!!
In the pockets and around the neck...

Down the sides...

Around the bottom.

**I will be giving another apron away**
 when I reach 500 "likes" or "fans" on Facebook!!

I hope you'll enter for a chance to win!!
Here's all you have to do...
* Become a follower
* Leave a sweet lil comment :))
* Become a fan of Michella Marie on Facebook
You can even share it on FB or Tweet it if you like!
{But not necessary to be entered}
Doing this will also enter you into all of my giveaways
that I have here!!

This month I will be giving away an apron from the
Shabby Cowgirl as well!!

Her work is amazing!!
If you've never seen it you have to check her out.
She is on facebook under Shabby Cowgirl!!
(LOVE her name too!!)
I've already ordered one for me and one for a lucky follower/fan :))
You won't want to miss out on this!!
I promise!!
If you like vintage prints and girly girl designs,
then you'll LOVE her work!!


Here's a few random photos of my booth.
Just because I love it so :))

Looking kinda sparse!!!

The top of the booth

The expansion, lol!!

I love all the ruffles!!

White ruffled lampshade

Or vice versa, lol
Which ever you prefer :))

Shabby white frames

Creamy nightstands

Mailbox with a rose applique

Shelf with rose applique

Cake stand

Repurposed lid business card holder

Vintage sewing cabinet

I would love to have you come visit in person or online at



Come see Kathleen at Faded Charm for White Wednesday!!
A Beach Cottage for Good Life Wednesday
Courtney at French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday
Alison at Stuff and Nonsense for Fridays Unfolded


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